Xavier’s Alumni history

Being pioneers in education, the Jesuits started the first modern education institute, for boys in Jaipur in 1946.These visionaries taught Jaipur in a most modern way and subsequently St Xavier’s Jaipur became a landmark ofquality education affordable by all.

The extension to the vision Xavier’sAlumni, The Rev. Father who not only taught but left an everlasting impact on their students and created a lifelongattachment with this great institution and encouraged students to form an alliance, formerly known as OBA, now called Xavier’s Alumni.

OBA was formed in 1954. Mr. KuldeepMathur of batch’1953 became the first president. Erstwhile OBA (Now Xavier’s Alumni) have a proper constitution. This Constitution gives guidelines for formation of executive committee.

This spirited approach and emotional bonding has taken us to new heightsand presently we have 5600 members at Xavier’s Alumni which is the highest for any school alumni in India.

Our Moto

Vision & Mission

The Mission of the Xavier's alumni association is to instill a mutually beneficial bond between the institution and its alumni. The alliance serves as a means to present a platform for alumni to stay connected with the events and new happenings in their alma mater and assist its development. Its purpose is to help all unite, grow and act towards the common community goals.

With the Vision of transforming idea of life from the individualism to unification, inspires us to form the leveraging community order, through which we tend to offer the forum for the ex-Xavierites to contribute and share seamlessly. The vision of this organization is to help our fellow members share and influence, with what they've achieved and are able to do.

Our Team

Fr. T. J. Jose S.J.

Dr. Himanshu Sharma 1985

Vice President:
Mr. Nagendra Singh 1995

Mr. Anish Thomas 2001

Members of the Executive Committee :
Ajay dhadda 1974, Ajay kochar 1976, Vibhuti singh 1987, Mohd. Aquil 1991, Sanjay Sardana 1993, Satya Prakash Natha 1996, Luv Singh Shekhawat 1998, Rahul Khandelwal 1999, Ruchita Dhoot 2009, Pallavi Kataria 2013

President’s Message