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Welcome to Xavier's Alumni Association : New Executive Committee
December 26, 2017
New Executive Committee


Dr. S.S Ranawat 1981
Vice President:
Mr. Neetiraj Singh Kalwara 1995
Mr. Luv Singh Shekhawat 1998
Members of the Executive Committee :
Ashish Nagar 1989, Mohan Lal Sardana 1991, Anurag Mehta 1993,
Ahsan Labib Khan 1996, Anuj Mathur 1999, Kartik Sinha 2002,
Yogesh Sharma 2007
Co-Opted ExCom Members : (As per the amendments in AGM
regarding Co-Option in Ex Com, with the consensus of
Rev. Father T.J. Jose S.J. (Director XAJ) and elected ExCom,
Below were selected as Co-Opted ExCom Members)
Raghuraj Singh 1981, Dr. Mohd. Aquil 1991, Rajiv Jain 1994,
Nagendra Singh 1995, Rizwan Ahmed 1995,
Satya Prakash Natha 1996, Atin Mathur 2009
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