Welcome to Xavier's Alumni Association : President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Alumni,
With a sense of deep humility and respect I (Dr. Himanshu Sharma, 1985 batch) would like to thank each and every one for the over whelming support that has been given to us. It is at once a heartwarming gesture as well as a great responsibility that has been bestowed on us.

I would like to assure all that we will try our best to take our Association towards greater cohesiveness and team work. I think it will be very true to say that our association is not only the oldest but, the most active among all in Rajasthan and other school Alumni look towards us for leadership and guidance. Beside the various activities in academics, entertainment that we are already doing since long, I would like to shift focus towards more socially relevant activities which really make a difference to individual lives directly. Among the foremost among them would be to take development work in Village Neota which is not only situated in close proximity to our School in the same place but will be associated with it in future also. We as an association can do so much for the people of Neota like Medical camps at regular intervals, developmental work if we are able to get the funds due to kindness of companies and our members.

Similarly, we are thinking of taking in more children in our fold for scholarships and awards. We are also thinking up of setting up a fund for the retired fourth class employees so that the Alumni association can help them in their hour of need as happened in the case of Suraj Ji who had been a long serving staff of the school.

I would like to appeal to all members to get involved with the activities of the Association. Those in Jaipur can give their time to school and Alumni as there are so many things which need to be done in school also. Each batch can take up a responsibility and then decide how to get it done to the best of their ability. I would request all to consider this as a humble invitation from us to help in any way they can. It can be in form of time, expertise, resources or funding because it will be impossible to go ahead without team work.

It will be my endeavor to involve the Batch representatives in all activities and try to convince them to involve their respective batches so that we may function with more cohesiveness and in a broad based manner.

I would request those residing in Jaipur to start visiting the school during games or whenever they have time so that they can get involved with the activities of the school and Alumni. I know many are involved in their individual capacities with the school but, it is more important to make the association strong and relevant so that we can work for the interest of the association as such. It is true that we will not be able to accomplish anything without your support and encouragement. On our behalf, I would like to assure you of our total commitment to the goals of the association with utmost propriety and full responsibility.

Once again thanking you for your love and affection.

Please feel free to get in touch and extend your valuable support in any way you can towards our common objectives.

Dr Himanshu Sharma ( 85 )
President XAJ.
+91-94140 75108

For More Details relating to Xavier's Alumni, you may also contact Anish Thomas'2001(Secretary) - +91-9783333349 or mail us at president@xaviersalumni.org

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