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President’s Message

Dear Alumnus,

There is nothing as exciting as a comeback, whether it is a comeback in a game, a comeback after long tours, or a comeback to your beloved school. That’s what has happened with me recently.

My loved ones called me to serve the Xavier’s Alumni again after four long years, and to tell you the truth, it feels great. I thank all the juniors, the seniors, school management and well wishers for re-positioning their faith in me as the President of the Alumni.

Truly speaking, when we study in an institution like ours, one thing is for sure, that you are never out of school. My colleagues in the hospital find it quite odd when they hear ‘I am going to school’ after office hours.

I bow down to my seniors and teachers, and I ask my juniors to think of me as one of them. Remember that we always stand together, as a team, as a family. The brotherhood never dies, come what may. Keep in touch to keep alive the flame. I request all the Batch Representatives to ensure maximum participation in all Alumni events.

Sports tournaments and exchange programs between other Jesuit Alumni Associations and Xavier’s Alumni were initiated during my last tenure. It will give us great pleasure and joy to play hosts to people from other cities and country and vice versa.

A resourceful association like ours should be socially active. Giving back to the society is core of our upbringing. In this regard I would like to start with Tree Plantation and I would also like to have your ideas and vision about what else we can do.

With best wishes.

— Dr. Suneet Singh Ranawat, ‘1981